Engineering Calculations

XL uses modern, proven methods to ensure that all systems perform as expected. While the laws of physics, particularly those related to high vacuum, liquid and gas flows, thermal and mechanical properties are well known and their related formulae well understood and documented, XL uses industry standard engineering analysis software applications to supplement the efforts of our engineering staff.

Design analysis is primarily done with SolidWorks Simulation®, which works within SolidWorks. SolidWorks Simulation (formerly CosmosWorks) is used for static, dynamic and thermal finite element analysis (FEA). For more complex analyses, XL uses ALGOR®, which is an FEA program for preprocessing, solution, post-processing, parametric modeling, and graphical representation of linear and non-linear, static or dynamic structural analysis problems.

MathCad® is used for a variety of engineering calculations as a way to accurately automate well-known formulae.

Typical of these techniques and tools are:

cosmos structural software

Structural analysis

SolidWorks Simulation® analysis software is integrated with SolidWorks® modeling tools for real-time analysis.

cosmos structural software
Structural analysis
cosmos thermal analysis

Thermal analysis

SolidWorks Simulation® thermal analysis tools are integrated with SolidWorks® modeling tools. This thermal profile enables us to ensure that all XL designed shrouds, platens and cold panels meet customer requirements.

cosmos thermal analysis software
Thermal analysis
rise frame analysis

Chamber section using RISA® analysis tools

RISA Technologies has been developing cutting-edge structural design and optimization software since 1987.

Very large chambers, particularly those with other than cylindrical shape, require more detailed structural analysis. XL partner - Chicago Bridge & Iron - uses advanced RISA® analysis tools to define the capabilities of the plate, support structure and weld joints.

rise frame stresses

Chamber stresses using RISA® analysis tools

Stress points are identified and reviewed for their impact on the structural integrity of the chamber..

risa frame deflection

Chamber deflection using RISA® analysis tools

This section shows the expected deflection of the structure under normal high vacuum conditions.