TVAC Chamber


Space Simulation Systems

Engineering, Design, Fabrication, Assembly & Test, and Installation of complex custom high vacuum systems for space simulation


Optical Coating Systems

Fully automated custom high vacuum thin film optical coating systems

Leaders in Vacuum Technology

XL Technology Systems furnishes custom Thermal Vacuum Systems for pre-flight testing of space hardware. We design, fabricate, install and commission chambers, thermal shrouds, high vacuum pumping systems, and thermal conditioning systems engineered specifically for your application. Our range of sizes includes systems small enough for laboratory scientific research applications up to systems large enough to test fully assembled spacecraft.

XL Technology Systems is dedicated to providing the Thermal Vacuum Industry with cost-effective leading-edge technologies with superior performance. The same XL Technology Systems people who have provided innovative solutions for your thermal vacuum test facility needs in the past, continue to enhance existing technology and develop new technology to meet the exacting needs of the expanding aerospace test industry's requirements.

large shroud

XL Technology Systems' engineers and manufacturing technicians have decades of knowledge and experience in cryogenics, high vacuum systems, and instrumentation. Complex systems, very large chambers and shrouds, precise temperature control, and comprehensive measurement and control are hallmarks of XL project history. Custom turnkey solutions or selected individual components, design-build or build-to-print, XL brings a consistent passion for excellence in product and service.

XL capabilities and deliverables are renowned for:

  • Complete thermal vacuum test facilities
    • Operating vacuum levels to 10-8 torr
  • Temperature range +150°C to -267°C (423K to 6K)
    • +150°C to -180°C (423K to 93K) via gaseous nitrogen
    • -186°C to -196°C (87K to 77K) via liquid nitrogen
    • -196°C to -267°C (77K to 6K) via gaseous helium
    • Ramp rates to 10° C per minute
    • Uniformity to ±2° C
  • Vibration Isolation System to 1.5 Hz
  • Complete LN2, GN2 & Helium storage and supply facilities
  • Fully automatic control systems using PLC's or PC-based operating systems and sophisticated Human Machine Interface (HMI) software
  • Data Acquisition Systems, including real time and historical trend analysis and alarming
  • Auxiliary shroud panels, including heat transfer fluid circulators
  • Actively cooled Optical Benches with flatness up to ±0.005 inches